PANEK S.A. is a polish company with 22 years of history and exclusively polish capital.

As the leader of the Polish Rent a Car market, PANEK sets standards for the quality of customer service, which is confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions awarded annually by customers of the largest booking websites in the world. An individual approach to each client allows PANEK Rent a Car to create a unique offer of vehicles divided into 19 classes, differing in size, equipment and purpose. Thanks to such a wide offer, the company is able to meet even the most ambitious requirements of its customers.

The services of Panek S.A are used by over 30,000 customers who cover over 65,000,000 kilometers annually, which can be converted into a distance equivalent to 85 trips to the moon and back. PANEK Rent a Car knows that only a modern and safe fleet of over 2,000 vehicles available at all international airports in Poland and many shopping centers can provide peace of mind during holiday and business trips of its clients.

Transparent rental rules and no hidden preparation fees make the company a trustworthy business partner and a willingly chosen service provider for the private sector. Panek S.A. it's not just cars - it's a whole team of people who work every day to satisfy customers, who receive vehicles in impeccable technical and visual condition, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.