OMNI Molo mieści się przy ul. Mieszka I 73, w Szczecinie.

The location in Szczecin's Pomorzany district, at DK-13, which is part of an important transport hub, provides excellent visibility and convenient connections with other parts of the city, as well as with neighboring German towns.

Parking zewnętrzny posiada 860 miejsc. Dzięki korzystnemu usytuowaniu OMNI Molo i prostym rozwiązaniom komunikacyjnym, można tu szybko zrobić zakupy oraz skorzystać z usług.

OMNI Molo jest częścią sieci centrów handlowych OMNI CENTRUM.

The company deals with real estate, real estate management and investments, acquires, develops and manages real estate in Poland. It was founded in cooperation with two investors who are international experienced entrepreneurs with an established position in the development industry operating in Belgium, Bulgaria, Israel, Poland, Panama, Romania, Russia, Great Britain and the USA.

OMNI Centrum employs highly qualified management staff who specialize in asset management, business development, investments, leasing and financing new projects.

The OMNI Centrum Group is constantly looking for new ways to maintain and expand its business by looking for unique opportunities.